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Many products not calibrated for natural hair simply do not work.

When I first went natural I would try a product that advertised a quality I wanted - usually “silky softness” -it would sit on my seriously dry new growth and not work at all. 

Eventually there were hundreds of dollars worth of products (stored) under the sink from this process.

I learned to only try products that did not have certain ingredients like alcohol (in any form) and petroleum jelly (to name two).

Even worse, to not try products that claimed to make my natural hair more manageable but would actually chemically change it.

During this time, I had an important realization

  1. My hair would never be the silky smooth tresses some of my “sisters” have. 

  2. There is no quick fix on the shelf at the hair store to change this reality.

  3. BUT there are items that my hair loves! It is healthy and looks good when I use them.  

(I get lots of complements and questions when I used them too!)

I started to research what products I needed to maintain my hair in its healthy (good-looking) state.

I identified these products and added even more:

Shea butter is wonderful for hydrating hair, but it is not easy to use in its natural form. 
Coconut, jojoba , vitamin e, castor, and other oils are runny and sometimes harder for hair to absorb.

Rounding up what I soon realized are really good products to use on most natural hair, I went to work formulating how to best combine them for the optimum ease of usage.

My family and friends started asking me to make my product for them. Knowing them personally allowed me to add at times certain essential oils that would “help” what ever issues they were having with their hair.  Some popular essential oils I used are rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Those who use them, attest to enjoying the benefits of each.

Ten years later I have Crowning Glory:
Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Caster Oil (Regular and Jamaican Black), Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E.

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